Step down into the dining room and enjoy an ever changing panorama through the 3 high metre picture glazing. This huge glazed area helps bring the outside in and enables you the wonder of the views while dining, cooking or enjoying a cup of tea. The hand crafted ‘love seat’ provides a social space separate from the solid oak dining table and the state of the art precision made Gaggenau kitchen. Change the mood of the space by using the different lighting options to create a bright space or use the hand made bone china pendant lights to create a warm and cosy area. We hope that you will find everything you need in the kitchen but please do let us know if we’ve missed anything.


Three metre high glazing provide truly spectacular views from within the Skye Window House. This area is flooded with light and provides a living canvas of the views beyond. The weather is dramatic at every time of the year in Skye and the super insulated glazing provides you all the time in the world to gaze. The Sound of Sleat shimmers in the evening reflecting the light cast by the moon. Turn off the lights and you will see a tapestry of stars in one of the worlds best areas for star gazing.


Enjoy use of the state of the art Gaggenau kitchen with a view over the old ruin. A cooked meal at the table and the soft glow of the lights hand made in Stoke-on-Trent. Enjoy breakfast on the decked terrace accessed through the sliding door, or simply enjoy the magnificent view from the comfort of your very own ‘love seat’.